Repairs & Complete Restorations to all Tube Radios


You spent thousands restoring your classic ride, so you can cruise the blacktop with the tunes blaring. But now, only a loud crackle and buzz coming from the speaker. Something as simple as a shorted 50 year old capacitor, can cause a  Major Failure or Catastrophic Fire.  It’s something you never want to happen.

You can be as confident in your old radio’s performance as you are of your restored classic car.  Whether you need minor or major repairs, a simple  alignment, or a complete Restoration . . .

Call or email us for a checkup or repair, we can help.

Every Vintage Radio is Priceless, regardless of size shape or Brand.

We have Service manuals that allow us to repair any Vintage or Antique Radio from 1920 to 1960

You found Grandma's old radio in the attic? You say you plugged it in and nothing happened! DON'T toss it, It can look and sound good again and keep Grandma's memory alive. We can make it sound like only a vintage radio can.    Give us a call for details

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